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When I published my first article on this site, I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Holy crap it’s getting a ton of shares”.

I wrote something and people actually liked it! I was ecstatic. My dreams of running a successful website seemed like they were – finally – within reach…

…Until the the buzz died down and I was back where I started. Crap….

That’s when I learned that shares don’t mean a damn thing.

Don’t get me wrong, having people share your content is a nice ego boost, I’m not gonna lie.

But if it doesn’t do anything for your brand or business, you’re wasting your time.

So I started looking for a solution.

Pretty quickly, I found that the key to having a thriving website (or online business) is having an email list full of people who want to hear from you (Which, as it turns out, has a 40% higher conversion rate than any other channel).

“Nice”, I thought. “But how do I keep people interested?”

The answers I found ranged from: “Just offer ‘em a bunch of stuff” to “send them regular updates or whatever you feel like man”.

Incredibly helpful advice, as you can imagine.

So I delved deeper into the topic and I ended up learning a lot about copywriting..

On conversionbase, I want to pass on all the things I learned as I’m going through this journey. I’ll show you how to create good landing pages, how to create powerful drip campaigns, as well as how to write powerful emails.

I’ve created a free 10-day course that will teach you how to create more powerful emails.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The one persuasion principle that creates a ton of opportunity for you (lesson #2)
  • How you can force decisions, without being pushy (lesson #4)
  • What the strategy of preeminence is and how to use it (lesson#6)
  • What selling jam can teach you about email marketing (lesson #9)
  • Ways to make writing your emails painless (lesson #7)
  • The formula that makes your writing a lot more interesting (lesson #8)

If you’re looking to sell more using email, then this course is for you.

And hey, it’s free, so the only thing that can happen is that you learn something that gets you more sales.
If you’re ready to start learnin’ click the button at the top of this page and enter your email address, you’ll get the first lesson right away.


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